Cultural Studies and Environment, Revisited

Cultural Studies and Environment, Revisited

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The environment is perhaps most misunderstood as a static place, somewhere qout there, q separated from the practices of our everyday lives. Given this assumption, environmental movements and concerns have remained mostly marginalized or denigrated in cultural studies publications, conferences, and presentations. Recent global developments have made changing this oversight and, at times, direct resistance to engaging environmental concerns a new priority. This edited collection illustrates an appreciation of the dynamic, palpable, and significant ways the environment permeates culture (and vice versa), as well as a collective commitment to the ways that cultural studies has more to offera€”and to learn froma€”taking environmental matters to heart. Like foundational categories of identity, economics, and historical context, this collection reminds us why the environment is and should be considered relevant to any work done in the name of qcultural studies.q Including research from four continents and across media, the authors offer insights on timely topics such as food, tourism, human/animal relations, forests, queer theory, indigenous rights, and water. This book was published as a special issue of Cultural Studies.Leacha#39;s research on parallels between kinship systems, animal categories and domestic/distant spaces provides a solid ... antidote to the currently more influential scholastic antipathies to domestic animals reviewed later in this essay.

Title:Cultural Studies and Environment, Revisited
Author:Phaedra. C Pezzullo
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-10-31


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