Cultural Criticism: Essays Philosophical and Political

Cultural Criticism: Essays Philosophical and Political

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Cultural critics have been around literally since the birth of time ' the beginning of history. Starting with the first cultivated fields, the first domesticated animals, the first city walls, the first written words, the first standing armies, and the first enslavement of men by other men, there have been critics to speak out and bring into sharper relief the social stresses and psychic fractures that the institutions of civilized life invariably entail. An indefatigable voice throughout the brief history of civilization, the critic holds up a mirror to fellow citizens so they can better view their current predicament. Born, as we all are, into certain social arrangements and cultural institutions that we did not create, the critic wants to expose the hidden rules of the game, the scaffolding supporting the faAsade, betraying what is beneath our taken-for-granted assumptions about the world in which we live. The critic's perspective provides an alternative view of the reality we all share.Finally, Lou Dobbs and other minor pundits engaged in their own bullying techniques, began whining on TV four years ago about how most middle class Americans were being cut out of the American Dream, loudly demanding that homeanbsp;...

Title:Cultural Criticism: Essays Philosophical and Political
Author:Sandy Krolick
Publisher:Sandy Krolick - 2010-06


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