Critical Reflections on the Cold War

Critical Reflections on the Cold War

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Rhetoric and history intersected dramatically during the Cold War, which was, above all else, a war of words. This volume, which combines the work of historians and communication scholars, examines the public discourse in Cold War America from a number of perspectives including how rhetoric shaped history and policies and how rhetorical images invited interpretations of history. The book opens with Norman Graebner's wideranging analysis of the rhetorical background of the Cold War. Frank Costigliola then parses Stalin's speech of February, 1946, an address that many in the West took as a declaration of war by the USSR. The development of NSC68 in 1950, often referred to as America's qblueprintq for fighting the Cold War, is the subject of Robert P. Newman's review. Shawn J. ParryGiles and J. Michael Hogan then focus on American propaganda responses to the perceived Soviet threat. H. W. Brands, Randall B. Woods, and Rachel L. Holloway examine the effects of liberal ideology and rhetoric on domestic and foreign policy decisions. Robert J. McMahon and Robert L. Ivie raise the issue of what it has meant to be the qleader of the Free Worldq and what the task of postCold War rhetoric will be in this regard. Scholars concerned with the role of words in public life and in the study of history will find challenging material in this interdisciplinary volume. Historians, speech communication scholars, and political scientists with an interest in the Cold War will similarly find grist for further milling.The remark meant that Stalin had, in effect, declared war on his allies only six months after the terrible suffering of World ... many policy makers and scholars would later conclude, was the so-called Cold War. This essay moves beyond previous discussions of Stalina#39;s speech through close reading of the speecha#39;s languageanbsp;...

Title:Critical Reflections on the Cold War
Author:Martin J. Medhurst
Publisher:Texas A&M University Press - 2000


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