Critical Multicultural Analysis of Children's Literature

Critical Multicultural Analysis of Children's Literature

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qChildrena€™s literature is a contested terrain, as is multicultural education. Taken together, they pose a formidable challenge to both classroom teachers and academics.... Rather than deny the inherent conflicts and tensions in the field, in Critical Multicultural Analysis of Childrena€™s Literature: Mirrors, Windows, and Doors, Maria JosAc Botelho and Masha Kabakow Rudman confront, deconstruct, and reconstruct these terrains by proposing a reframing of the field.... Surely all of us a€“ children, teachers, and academics a€“ can benefit from this more expansive understanding of what it means to read books.q Sonia Nieto, From the Foreword Critical multicultural analysis provides a philosophical shift for teaching literature, constructing curriculum, and taking up issues of diversity and social justice. It problematizes childrena€™s literature, offers a way of reading power, explores the complex web of sociopolitical relations, and deconstructs taken-for-granted assumptions about language, meaning, reading, and literature: it is literary study as sociopolitical change. Bringing a critical lens to the study of multiculturalism in childrena€™s literature, this book prepares teachers, teacher educators, and researchers of childrena€™s literature to analyze the ideological dimensions of reading and studying literature. Each chapter includes recommendations for classroom application, classroom research, and further reading. Helpful end-of-book appendixes include a list of childrena€™s book awards, lists of publishers, diagrams of the power continuum and the theoretical framework of critical multicultural analysis, and lists of selected childrena€™s literature journals and online resources.Other themeswere comingofage and survival struggles; intercultural conflict; overcoming personal issues;and cultural maintenance and change. Most books, atboth ... Among these textsis Francisco JimAcneza#39;s book, The Circuit. These scholarsanbsp;...

Title:Critical Multicultural Analysis of Children's Literature
Author:Maria José Botelho, Masha Kabakow Rudman
Publisher:Routledge - 2009-05-07


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