Critical Analysis of Golf’s Short Game

Critical Analysis of Golf’s Short Game

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Do you want to become the best golfer you can be? Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished player, I can help you set and reach your goals. Golf has been my life and still is to this day. This book contains comprehensive information about the Critical Analysis of Golfa€™s Short Game: Methods a Techniques Inside 100 Yards. Every part of the short game has been 100% analyzed and translated into practical words for easy application. Where is the best place to start to achieve your goals? The game is complicated enough, so leta€™s start learning to putt first and work our way to the driver. Each segment of this book is derived from practice and study and built on common sense. Putting is a short stroke, with great tempo you can become a great putter from the onset. By using the Metronome Method (explained inside the book), you can train your brain to work with your own tempo. Rick Pricea€™s fast swing, Ernie Elsa€™ smooth swing, and Phil Mickelsona€™s erratic swing all have one thing in common, personal swing and tempo and these men are all winners! This book will teach you the best way to achieve your potential and become a better player. It will also teach you the true fundamentals of the short game: Grip, Posture, Alignment, Ball Position, and Tempo a Rhythm. If you apply the methods in this book, you will become a better player. With your HCP coming down you will be ready to kick BUTTS!But, if your backstroke is at 8 oa#39;clock, you should expect your follow-through to go at least to 4 oa#39;clock and with a greater tempo (metronome speed) maybe beyond 3 oa#39;clock. If you follow the clock diagram, you should expect your forward swinganbsp;...

Title:Critical Analysis of Golf’s Short Game
Author:Paul Dionne
Publisher:Certa Publishing - 2014-11-18


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