Criminal procedure for the criminal justice professional

Criminal procedure for the criminal justice professional

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Part One: FRAMEWORK FOR THE STUDY OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE. 1. Individual Rights Under the United States Constitution. 2. Criminal Courts and Criminal Trials. 3. Basic Underlying Concepts: The Exclusionary Rule, Privacy, Probable Cause, and Reasonableness. Part Two: ARRESTS, SEARCH WARRANTS, STOPS, AND FRISKS. 4. Arrest. 5. Search Warrants. 6. Stops and Frisks. Part Three: EXCEPTIONS TO THE SEARCH WARRANT REQUIREMENT. 7. Search Incident to Arrest. 8. Consent Searches. 9. The Plain View Doctrine. 10. Search and Seizure of Vehicles and Containers. 11. Open Fields and Abandoned Property. Part Four: CRIMINAL PROCEDURE AND THE FIFTH AND SIXTH AMENDMENTS. 12. Admissions and Confessions. 13. Pretrial Identification Procedures.20 L.Ed.2d 889 (1968) will read Terry v. ... ExamViewAr Computerized Testing: Create, deliver, and customize tests and study guides (both print and online) in minutes with this ... 75 questions per chapter in the following formats: multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, short answer, and essay. WebTutor ToolBox on Blackboard and WebCT: Preloaded with content and available free via PIN code whenanbsp;...

Title:Criminal procedure for the criminal justice professional
Author:John N. Ferdico
Publisher:Wadsworth Pub Co - 2005


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