Crime Scene Forensics

Crime Scene Forensics

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Bridging the gap between practical crime scene investigation and scientific theory, Crime Scene Forensics: A Scientific Method Approach maintains that crime scene investigations are intensely intellectual exercises that marry scientific and investigative processes. Success in this field requires experience, creative thinking, logic, and the correct application of the science and the scientific method. Emphasizing the necessary thought processes for applying science to the investigation, this text covers: The general scene investigation process, including definitions and philosophy as well as hands-on considerations Archiving the crime scene through photography, sketching, and video Managing the crime scene investigationa€”the glue that holds the investigation together Searching the crime scenea€”the logical byproduct of archiving and management Impression/pattern evidence, including fingerprints, bloodstains, footwear impressions, and tire track impressions The biological crime scene and recognizing, collecting, and preserving biological evidence, including forensic entomology and evidence found at bioweapon scenes The fundamental principles of evidence as expressed by the Principle of Divisible Matter and the Locard Exchange Principle: every touch leaves a trace Trace evidence, including glass, paint, and soil Shooting incident scenes, with discussion of bullet paths and gunshot residue The final section examines fire scenes, quality assurance issues, and methods for collecting and preserving various evidence types not covered in other chapters. The delicate balance among logic, science, and investigative activity must be understood in order to successfully work a crime scene. Enhanced by more than 200 color images, this volume provides investigators and students with the tools to grasp these critical concepts, paving an expeditious path to the truth.The outdoor settings on the Nikon D40 menu are self-explanatory. ... photo Check Set camera to manual exposure Close-up Establishing Set shutter DOF Bracket shots Observe and smile figure 6.9 Capturing the perfect forensic photograph.

Title:Crime Scene Forensics
Author:Robert C Shaler
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 2011-12-28


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