Creative Being

Creative Being

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What do you have in common with Grandma Moses, Oscar Wilde, and Joni Mitchell? Just like them, you're fully equipped to realize any creative project you want to accomplish. By the same token, great problem solvers like Amelia Earhart and Albert Einstein simply knew how to tap into their innate human intelligence. You already have everything you need to draw from the same vast, inexhaustible source. Creative Being isn't a formula or a motivational system. Written by a university professor and perfected over years of road testing, it reveals a practical methodology for uncovering and empowering the creative energy at work in our lives right this minute. Our natural ingenuity is longing to burst free a€“ it needs only to be discovered and befriended. This book will show you how. Clear, insightful, and jampacked with proven practices, Creative Being lets you in on the secret of your own creative genius. Use it at home, at school, at work, in relationships; in arts, crafts, commerce, industry, and politics. At every level of your world, these invaluable tools can unlock the inventions, art works, and solutions already seeded in your own intelligence. Whether you're looking to activate your infinitely creative being, or simply to sharpen your everyday problem solving skills, this book can help you find the way.Leta#39;s assume. for example, that [ defined my up dinner date problem as Ia€”iorv cm : 121m:- people sure that they-ire agreed to ... Talte a fevr moments to corna€” template hovI-Ia#39; the categories of form and material could be applied to ensuring aanbsp;...

Title:Creative Being
Author:Ernest Porps
Publisher:Author House - 2013-10-01


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