Creating eBooks with Markdown and Open Source Tools

Creating eBooks with Markdown and Open Source Tools

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Authors can easily and quickly write eBooks using the popular Markdown format, and the open source tools described in this book. Markdown is easily edited with lightweight text editors. You can focus more on the craft of writing and less on the formatting toolbar and other distractions that come with Word Processors. The toolchain described in Create eBooks with Markdown and Open Source Tools is fast, easy to use and is portable to any computer thanks to being developed around the Node.js/Grunt ecosystem. With a couple simple configuration files you control every detail of EPUB3 metadata. Sprinkle in a few images, fonts and a stylesheet and you can create a great looking book with ease. This book shows you start-to-finish how to create an eBook, packaged according to the EPUB3 specification, covering topics like: The EPUB market What is AkashaEPUB and AkashaCMS Installing the AkashaEPUB toolchain Using Markdown to create chapters and sections Structuring an EPUB eBook, including metadata, table of contents, and asset files Using custom fonts in an EPUB eBook Validating the EPUB eBook Converting it to Kindlea€™s format EPUB3 is a widely used electronic book publishing format that is used by almost all the eBook reading platforms.For Mac OS X one can find a free application, ePub Checker, in the Mac OS X App Store. ... It automatically runs a check, displaying any error or warning messages in the window. ... If your goal is to chase the self-publishing dream you need this application because youa#39;ll be uploading books to the Kindle marketplace.

Title:Creating eBooks with Markdown and Open Source Tools
Author:David Herron
Publisher:David Herron - 2015-04-28


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