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Craniosynostosis - the premature fusion of the cranial sutures of an infanta€™s skull - is a challenging and complex condition that can occur as part of a syndrome or in isolation. In the last two decades increased knowledge about the structure and function of the human genome has enabled the discovery of the molecular etiologies of most forms of syndromic craniosynostosis, which in turn has allowed for the analysis of normal and abnormal sutural biology from the atomic to the population-based level. In parallel with the increase in basic biological understanding, advances in clinical diagnosis and treatment have been achieved including improved prenatal imaging technology and craniofacial surgical techniques as well as condition-specific care in specialized hospitals and clinical units.This book represents a comprehensive overview on the subject of craniosynostosis. Its 19 excellent chapters were written by the foremost authorities in the field for a wide range of readers. They cover topics including a historical review, basic biological and molecular studies, the various common and uncommon syndromes, nonsyndromic craniosynostoses, genetic testing, prenatal ultrasonography, and recent methods of neurosurgical and maxillofacial treatment. Both investigators at the bench and clinicians at the operating table will appreciate this timely book which will be the definitive volume on craniosynostosis for many years to come.bones labeled. c, d Foot radiographs in the anteroposterior view of the probanda#39;s maternal grandfather (c), showing fusion of the ... showing multiple tarsal coalitions. e Diagram of normal anatomic relationships of the foot, oblique view, with bones labeled as in b. f Foot ... the same patient. d Lower leg radiograph of a different patient, showing severe lesions at the metaphyses, shortened bone length, andanbsp;...

Author:M. Muenke, W. Kress, H. Collmann, B.D. Solomon
Publisher:Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers - 2011-03-07


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