"CQ, CQ". . . My Last Transmission

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The FAA and the union had concealed their environment behind their nondisclosure clauses. Samantha Sims survived the toxic environment to get her story out in the open. With the nondisclosure clause missing from her out-of-court settlement with the FAA, she is no longer helping the bullies to keep their secrets anymore. Samantha shares her journal so that others still caught in the system can get the relief they deserve.You know you do not know them at all, but it feels like you do. I sat opposite my lawyer and she sat to the left of the desk with the cameraman right by her. I was so scared and feeling as if I had slipped off into a twilight zone episode that wasanbsp;...

Title:"CQ, CQ". . . My Last Transmission
Author:Samantha Sims
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2015-08-31


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