CPT Handbook for Psychiatrists

CPT Handbook for Psychiatrists

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To ensure proper reimbursementa€”especially in today's managed care environmenta€”it is vital that all practitioners know how to use the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding system and how to document for it appropriately. Yet information about this complex system is often inadequate, making it nearly impossible to keep up with changes necessitated by the ongoing development of new treatment modalities and multiple sites of service (e.g., office, hospital, nursing home). The third edition of this concise, easy-to-read handbook is theessential reference for mental health professionals. Marking more than a decade of experience, this practical handbook represents the collective wisdom of the APA's Committee on RBRVS, Codes, and Reimbursements and covers recent changes mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and changes in the way psychiatry is currently practiced and documented. In just 8 chapters and a remarkable 12 appendixes, the authors a€c Explain the structure and function of CPT and how to use and document psychiatric therapeutic procedure codes and evaluation and management (E/M) codesa€c Provide case vignettes for E/M codes (Appendix D), in addition to in-depth information about the body that governs the CPT coding system and how it works, documentation templates, examples of relative value units, and a CPT psychiatric code matrixa€”to name just a few of the topics included in the appendixes Based on practitioner concerns and questions, this volume makes it easy to find the right information to ensure creation of legible and carefully constructed and documented medical recordsa€”not only because good records are critical to good patient care, but because they also provide documentation for services billed to patients, verify compliance with standards set by government agencies and insurance carriers, protect against audits by payers, and provide evidence concerning the a€œwhy, when, and howa€ of provided services in case of a malpractice lawsuit. Coding errors are often the cause of claims being initially rejected, slowing down payment and creating extra paperwork as well as triggering audits of billing practices by insurance carriersa€”this handbook will help you avoid them. As the struggle for appropriate reimbursement continuesa€”with payers often using the technicalities of coding and documentation to reduce or deny paymentsa€”this practical volume offers a lifeline for mental health professionals everywhere.See Pharmacologic management Medicine section, of CPT manual, 3, 9 Memory problems, and electroconvulsive therapy, ... 124 Modifiers Appendix A of CPT manual and, 3, 71 commitment proceedings and, 19 modifiers commonly used by anbsp;...

Title:CPT Handbook for Psychiatrists
Author:Chester W. Schmidt, Rebecca Yowell, Ellen Jaffe
Publisher:Amer Psychiatric Pub Incorporated - 2004


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