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Stanley and Roscoe rejoin Jasper and Boddie to rescue Beau Vue, Arkansas, while scamming mid-level corporate crooks and going into the prison business. JB_E, Esq., and Moanika leave the Caribbean to configure a Capitol con. Rhodenta visits downstate where the story of The Stag unfolds. Storylines join together in an Icky fashion for an ending that rocks the world. If you liked Hog Lick, AR, youa€™ll love Cozenage!he following Friday, after the hunter and prey drawing, the moon was right and Cedric banged his heavy glass ashtray on the bar and called for everyonea#39;s attention. ... am pleased to begin a new tradition of drawing for a door prize the likes of which youa#39;ve never seen or imagined before. ... partially filled with folded slips of paper and drew one of them out carefully and appeared to read its contents, a€œC.G.!

Author:Mike Marsh
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002


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