Cowgirl in Pearls

Cowgirl in Pearls

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The Cowboy Catch Cook? Drive cattle? Share a bathroom? Princess Moira hadn't counted on any of it when she'd changed places with Chloe Marshall and found a job on Dutch Cordwin's dude ranch. She also hadn't counted on Dutch. The cowboy had a way with kids and critters, and a look in his eyes that left Moira breathless. As a princess, Moira wouldn't have had a chance with Dutch, but as Chloe, she would follow her heart. This was freedom! Then Dutch's twin girls decided qChloeq wasn't quite who she claimeda€b. Love and laughter reign when a cowgirl and a princess trade places!a€œHe coulda#39;ve come in himself, but ita#39;s a two-hour drive round trip, and I told him last week Ia#39;d get you all set up just fine.a€ He reached for ... Moira wasna#39;t sure whether she was miffed at not getting to do it all herself or grateful that someone walked her through it the first time around. With Billy Boba#39;s help, she was soon sitting in a spotlessly clean, navy blue Jeep Wrangler in the parking lot. Hea#39;d stowed her ... And he waited. She took a deep breath, pushed in the clutch and turned the key.

Title:Cowgirl in Pearls
Author:Jenna McKnight
Publisher:Harlequin - 2011-07-15


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