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The United States and Russia battle to control their deadly nuclear arsenals as Nick Logan struggles to prevent a terrorist plot that will leave the United State's nuclear missiles paralyzed. With two of his team already brutally murdered, a third, Kate Peters, is running for her life. Kate, torn between her loyalty to her father and her love for Nick, alone has the code needed to unlock the U.S. nuclear weapons; without it they are useless. Against them are Russian agents led by Ivan Malenkov and the cold-blooded Egor Skulsky. Also, Victor Noble, ambassador-at-large with presidential ambitions, has his own agenda and is willing to take great risks with the security of the United States to achieve it. Teaming with Nick is Captain Eric Johnson, brother of one of the dead men, and his elite MicroForce unit. Equipped with top-secret military technology, they are the most lethal fighting force on earth. Their success or failure will determine the fate of the United States and the world.The vehicle following them was an identical black Ford Explorer, occupied by Privates Kurt Kincaid and Martha a#39;Martya#39; ... The engines used an advanced baffling system that significantly a#39;hida#39; the noise they produced, and the rotors were onlyanbsp;...

Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-11-01


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