Cosmos Incorporated

Cosmos Incorporated

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The first major English translation of one of Francea€™s most admired writers, Cosmos Incorporated is a triumph of science fictiona€“a masterwork of cataclysm, mysticism, and suspense. Fifty years of warfare, disease, and strife have decimated the worlda€™s population. Those who remain are motes in the mind of UniWorld, a superstate that monitors humanity via a vast computer metastructure that catalog everything about everyone on the planeta€“race, religion, genetic codes, even fantasies. Those who have the means escape UniWorlda€™s tight control through the Orbital Ring. Though his memory has been wiped clean and his history fabricated in order to pass through UniWorlda€™s check points, Sergei Diego Plotkin knows his name.And he knows his mission: to murder a man in the city of Grand Junction, a Vegas-like outpost that is home to the private launching pad to the Ring. But this sense of purpose is compromised by random memories that flash through Plotkina€™s brain. England and Argentina. The shores of Lake Baikal. And something else. Something indescribable. Now Plotkin is about to meet his maker. As his identity and mission incrementally resurface in his conscious mind, and in the presence of an eerily beautiful woman, Plotkin will soon discover that he has come here not just to kill but to be born. . . . a€œLike Houellebecq, Dantec takes inspiration from both high and low culture; he is the sort of writer who cites Sun Tzua€™s Art of War and the Stoogesa€™ Search and Destroy with equal facility.a€ a€“The New York Times a€œDNA is to Dantec what the swan was to romantic poetry: an invitation to dream. . . . This rocker-writer teleports us into the cyberpunk beyonds of literature. Fasten your seatbelts!a€ a€“Le Nouvel Observateur From the Trade Paperback edition.Red, orange, yellow, and green signal lights line the runways, streaked here and there with bands of quicksilver, whirling among the ... Below the gangplank the runways form a network of charcoal gray lines where descriptive diagrams run from one end to the other on LED screens ... The orange arrows and moving walkway have deposited him in front of the airlock on the top floor of the Control Terminal.

Title:Cosmos Incorporated
Author:Maurice G. Dantec
Publisher:Del Rey - 2008-05-20


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