Cosmic Cocktails

Cosmic Cocktails

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Bars and taverns are a time-honored human tradition--the perfect gathering places to trade news and gossip, to hang out, to complain, to celebrate, or just somewhere travelers can pass the time. Each has its own special and loyal clientele, though some welcome all comers. But what will such watering holes be like in the future? What form might they take on distant worlds--some human-run, some not--and on space stations? Who would be likely to frequent such places, and what tales would they have to tell? Here are fifteen original yarns that take you bar-hopping around the galaxy to places where you'll encounter: An alien life-form that needs to be drunk to get drunk. . . .A reporter on the trail of the true story about a legendary space pilot. . . .A couple of spacers who'd been led to a bar they might never blast out of again. . . .A saloon where time travelers might run out of time. . . .And more interstellar adventures that will have you wishing you could belly up to the bar-or its alien equivalent-and spend and evening taking in these tales beyond your wildest imagining. . .The SaX2 Destroyer Droid fired a high-frequency drill laser at deMarco who yanked his bloody hand from the shattered terminal in just enough time to dive out of the way and ... And there was: the manual keyboarda€”a redundant data entry system installed on the ship for contingency plans. Something put in place for those incredibly rare off chances that the touch displays on the main terminal becameanbsp;...

Title:Cosmic Cocktails
Author:Denise Little
Publisher:Penguin - 2006-12-05


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