Corporate DNA

Corporate DNA

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Corporate DNA explores what happens when managers think about and run their companies as if they were living things. Drawing on the experience of prototype organic corporations, such as 3M or The Ritz-Carlton, this book explores how organizations can apply the design principles by which living things learn and adapt to their ecologies in order to thrive in today's qmarket ecologies.q In addition to theory, Corporate DNA provides practical tools by which managers can understand and create competitive advantage in even the most turbulent of these markets.5 Each employee will understand their work area and Hotel goals as established in each strategic plan. ... No negative comments. ... If someone from the restaurant sees customers beginning to back up at the front desk, that person should go behind ... Employees can take formal cross-training and become certified in processes in different work groups. Every department in each hotel also has a departmental Skills Mastery Manuala€”a binder with a full set of its procedures. The bindersanbsp;...

Title:Corporate DNA
Author:Ken Baskin
Publisher:Routledge - 2012-09-11


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