Conversation Starters for Every Grandparent

Conversation Starters for Every Grandparent

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Grandparents often find themselves in awkward positions when it comes to having conversations with their family. Once children become a€œlittle people, a€ they develop likes and dislikes and discover their own interests, all of which may often be at odds with the grandparenta€™s. Even the most innocent attempt at chatting can produce such conversation-stoppers as a€œI dunno, a€ a€œwhatever!a€ or a€œwho cares!a€ Similarly, when a grandparent tries to initiate a talk to his or her own children about grandkidsa€™ behavior or activities, it is usually met with a stony disapproving silence or a curt a€œmind your own business.a€ And when sets of grandparents get together, the opportunities to criticize each other for spoiling or favoring one of the grandchildrena€”or the parent whom your child marrieda€”can become a prescription for disaster. Fortunately for the growing population of intergenerational family members, help is here in this very practical handbook for seniors who babysit, visit or vacation with, or otherwise spend time with youngsters. Among the topics included are creating safe and friendly environments in which to initiate a chat, selecting age-appropriate conversation openers, avoiding sensitive issues, and developing listening as well as speaking skills. Subjects for conversations include family history, favorite activities, uncritical advice, and hopes and dreams for the future. Although aimed at grandparents, this latest volume in the authora€™s Conversation Starters series is an essential guide for parents and children as well.Was it normal for people to learn to drive, and have a car? ... (GPCH) I was raised by my grandparents, and they always made sure that I had a pencil and some paper, whether we were in the car or at a ... How much did your wedding cost?

Title:Conversation Starters for Every Grandparent
Author:Kim Chamberlain
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2015-05-12


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