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A while back I wrote a document called qBuilding a Cloud Serviceq. It was basically a document detailing my past experiences and details some of the issues that a cloud company may face as it is being built and run. Based on what had transpired since, a lot of the concepts mentioned in that particular document are becoming widely adopted and/or are trending towards them. This is a continuation of that particular document and will attempt to analyse the issues that are faced as we move towards the cloud especially with regards to to media and IT convergence. Once again, we will use past experience, research, as well as current events trends in order to write this particular report. I hope that this document will prove to be equally useful and will provide an insight not only to the current state of affairs but will provide a blueprint for those who may be entering the sector as well as those who may be using resources/services from this particular sector. Please note that this document has gone through many revisions and drafts may have gone out over time. As such, there will be concepts that may have been picked up and adopted by some organisations (as was the case with the a€œClouda€ document with several technologies) while others may have simply broken cover while this document was being drafted and sent out for comment. It also has a more strategic/business slant when compared to the original document which was more technically orientated. Feedback/credit on any ideas that are subsequently put into action based on the content of this document would be appreciated. Any feedback on the content of this document is welcome. Every attempt has been made to ensure that the instructions and information herein are accurate and reliable. Please send corrections, comments, suggestions and questions to the author. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their owners, unless otherwise indicated. Use of a term in this document should not be regarded as affecting the validity of any trademark or service mark. The author would appreciate and consider it courteous if notification of any and all modifications, translations, and printed versions are sent to him. Please note that this is an organic document that will change as we learn more about this new computing paradigm. The latest copy of this document can be found either on the authora€™s website, blog, and/or http://www.tldp.orgOne of the things that Ia#39;ve sometimes wondered is whether or not directly competing on price against your competitors is worthwhile especially when using it as a means of ... on the mainland, Willunga in South Australia had the highest rate of active connections in mid-October at 18.5 per cent. ... This price point has now been taken by the Amazon Kindle Fire while this document was being drafted.

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