Contract 26

Contract 26

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He was dubbed, the Alphabet Assassin. An expert marksman, who was randomly killing people from long range with a high-powered rifle. The first victim was Ariel Adams. A broken stopwatch with the exact time of the shooting was found below the Hollywood sign, 250 meters from Ariel's dead body. The letter A was stuck to the back of the stop watch and the clues for the alphabet murders were set into place. Adam and Avery Zellner are twin brothers. Adam was an elite sniper in the United States Army, fighting in Iraq. Adam, along with his spotter, had disappeared and it was presumed they were both captured and killed.They had gone AWOL, and Adam is now a contract killer in Hollywood, California. Avery Zellner is a homicide detective in Hollywood, assigned to the case of, the Alphabet Assassin. One detective following the evidence, unknowingly, leading to his brother. Will the Alphabet Assassin complete all 26 contracts, or will Detective Avery Zellner piece the puzzle together and stop his twin brother? Or will the relationship the twins are having with Lacey Youngblood come between them first?He pulled out his Glock 19 and screwed on the silencer and moved slowly past the reception desk and stood at the foot of the staircase with the gold-colored carpet and listened. It was a faint sound. A woman making a panting noise.

Title:Contract 26
Author:Scott R. Riley
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2011-10


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