Contemporary Varieties of Religious Experience

Contemporary Varieties of Religious Experience

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First published in 1902, William James's Varieties of Religious Experience is considered a classic in religious studies and the psychology of religion. But how has James's classic study weathered decades of development in psychology and behavioral sciences? Do the assertions about religious experience in the Varieties still ring true in light of neuro-cognitive and neuro-hormonal research, resiliency studies, studies of temperament, and traumatic studies? By extending William James's own research throughout the century since its publication this volume seeks to answer those questions. In doing so, it revolutionizes our understanding of James's own view of psychology and reveals the extraordinary value of James's perspective for religion, psychology, and spirituality today. In doing so, it offers vital insights for pastoral care and faith development at both the individual and congregational level. From the Introduction by James Fowler: Drawing on the authenticity of her own experience, Bridgers carries us into a remarkably clear and well documented account that traces William James's evolution as a psychologist, philosopher, and a deeply engaged inquirer into the dynamics of spiritual development and transformation... This book has a major contribution to make. Bridgers's study illumines the horizons of contemporary research in the study of religious experience, in all its varieties, and in the context of globalization.It allows for study of the full spectrum of dissociated states of consciousness. ... 48 Using Myersa#39;s conception of consciousness as multiplex allows James to leave open the a€œquestion of where the subconscious ended, whether in the personalanbsp;...

Title:Contemporary Varieties of Religious Experience
Author:Lynn Bridgers
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers - 2005-11-10


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