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A tool to enable Americans to read printed Russian (Cyrillic) a€œcontemporarya€ literature, On-line newspapers, printed materials, etc. Extremely comprehensive listings of Composite word/terms, Word stems and their grammatically defining endings, Uniquely phoneticized words, and unique word/terms found in no other published American source. Translations are structured to firstly list the most common American translation, followed by secondary translations, and their synonyms. Each Cyrillic entry is categorized by grammatical usage. Adjectives have the source topic listed at the end of each Cyrillic entry. Product is intended for all those interested in reading the Russian Printed Language; speaking or pronouncing the Russian language is not a restriction for reading and literal understanding. This publication is intended to complement the basic Russian language translations found in a quality/comprehensive Russian/English dictionary (such as a€œOxforda€™s Russian/English Dictionarya€). Utilize a€œContemporary Russiana€ by L. L. Downing to access the fascinating world of the extensive Russian Language.EErNŒEpEmN€Ed (noun) - Alber (name) EdErNŒEpE¾E¼EdN… (noun) - albums, sketch-books, scrap- books, music-media jacket, ... Amazon tropical forest, EE¼EdEmE¾E½EoEdN… E’NEiN‹N…EcE²EdN‚NŒ ( noun) - Amazona#39;s Kindle, Amazona#39;s electronicbook EE¼EdEmE¾E½EoEm EpEdN€EoEcE¹ ErEmN (noun) anbsp;...

Author:L. L. Downing
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-01-18


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