Contemporary Models of the Atomic Nucleus

Contemporary Models of the Atomic Nucleus

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Contemporary Models of the Atomic Nucleus discusses nuclear structure and properties, expounding contemporary theoretical concepts of the low-energy nuclear processes underlying in nuclear models. This book focuses on subjects such as the optical nuclear model, unified or collective model, and deuteron stripping reaction. Other topics discussed include the basic nuclear properties; shell model; theoretical analysis of the shell model; and radiative transitions and alpha-decay. The deuteron theory and the liquid drop nuclear model with its application to fission theory are also mentioned, but only briefly discussed. This publication benefits students and researchers conducting work on nuclear physics, specifically on the constituents and interactions of the atomic nucleus.Following this the nucleus was assumed to be deformed, and the level schemes were calculated for different values of 6, with y ... Gottfrieda#39;s diagram has been constructed for A = 170, i.e. for the middle of the first range of large deformations.

Title:Contemporary Models of the Atomic Nucleus
Author:P. E. Nemirovskii
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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