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qSTOP, THINK, AND DONa€™T DO SOMETHING STUPID!q This is the warning Dr. Robert Bea drills into his Civil and Environmental Engineering students at the University of California in Berkeley. Bea wants to dramatize what he terms the inevitable qoh shitq moments that present themselves - before an actual engineering calamity like the Deepwater Horizon/BP disaster happens. Therea€™s an intangible and invisible marketplace within our lives today where the products traded are four fold: attention, distraction, data and meaning. The stories and examples within Consider demonstrate that the best decisions, insights, ideas and outcomes result when we take sufficient time to think and reflect. While technology allows us to act and react more quickly than ever before, we are taking increasingly less time to consider our decisions before we make them.Reflection supplies an arsenal of ideas and solutions to the right problems. Including interviews with leaders such as General David Petraeus, attorney Brooksley Born and global investor Kyle Bass, Forrester shows us that taking time andgiving ourselves the mental space for reflection can mean the difference between total success and total failure.Available online at issues_for_comment. ... Importance of Army/Marine Corps Field Manual 3a€“24, Counterinsurgency, a€ in The U.S. Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency FieldManual (Chicago:anbsp;...

Author:Daniel Patrick Forrester
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2011-01-18


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