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A vigilante conspiracy is being hatched by a group of influential Indians who are infuriated over how the wheels of justice move in India. So, they have created a special list and hired assassins to take care of it. Allan Pereira is found unconscious in a pub. Sandeep Kothari, another name on the list, runs into the unexpected while heading for his morning jog. The latest target is Bollywood star Sameer Khan... A frenzy is created by the media and a Special Investigation Team set up by the Bombay Police is left clueless. Unknown to him, Sameer Khan is being made the poster boy for this crazy conspiracy. Will Sameer survive this real-life saga or succumb to the machinations of the assassins ?No problem. Lucky will work his charm. You just get well. Lucky will not let you....a€ a€œLucky, a€ interrupted Sameer, a€œShut up ... Goda#39;s wishes are with you, a€ said Lucky quickly and disconnected the call. ... a#39;supplied by Fitness Proa#39; with an address and contact number mentioned below. ... Ashort pause to let this information sink into the brain of the female customer service representative and also to impress her.

Author:Nigel Fernandes
Publisher:Booktango - 2013-11-04


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