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Ita€™s 2005 and Sam Woods had been retired from the FBI for ten years and lived a quiet life in Florida. Then a book called A Killera€™s Tale was published by author Allan Stein and became a best seller. Sam went on the hunt again when he learned that this best seller contained clues to a serial killer. The same serial killer called the October Slayer that taunted Sam back in the 1960s when he was a FBI Agent. But therea€™s a problem, Allan died after the book got published. So Sam dusted off his detective skills and conducted his own investigation into the identity of that serial killer he failed to capture so many years ago. His final discovery of the true identity of the October Slayer also revealed another a shocking truth that went unknown since the 1960s.He dropped her shoes inside and closed it, as he had another use for the shoes. He rushed back and got ... Ricky met him there with a new 1967 yellow Ford Mustang. Ricky looked inside the ... He hid it back up in his attic. He went inside theanbsp;...

Author:Gary Whitmore
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-07-11


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