Concepts And Problems In Inorganic Chemistry

Concepts And Problems In Inorganic Chemistry

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Contents: Periodic Table and Periodic Properties, Elements of Row 2 of the Periodic Table, Hydrogen and Hydrides, Group I: The Alkali Metals, Group II: The Alkaline Earths, The p-Block Elements, Group III: The Boron Group, Group IV: The Carbon Group, Group V: The Nitrogen Group, Group VI: The Oxygen Group, Group VIII: The Halogens, The Noble Gases, Metals and Metallurgy, Transition Metals, Coordination Compounds, More Solved Problems.The chemical behaviour of halidcs can be understood in terms of lattice energy and polarisation effect as discussed below: LATTICE ENERGY EFFECTS When the gaseous cations and anions arc brought together, they arrange in a regularanbsp;...

Title:Concepts And Problems In Inorganic Chemistry
Author:P. S. Raghavan
Publisher:Discovery Publishing House - 1998-01-01


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