Computing the Brain

Computing the Brain

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Computing the Brain provides readers with an integrated view of current informatics research related to the field of neuroscience. This book clearly defines the new work being done in neuroinformatics and offers information on resources available on the Web to researchers using this new technology. It contains chapters that should appeal to a multidisciplinary audience with introductory chapters for the nonexpert reader. Neuroscientists will find this book an excellent introduction to informatics technologies and the use of these technologies in their research. Computer scientists will be interested in exploring how these technologies might benefit the neuroscience community. Key Features * An integrated view of neuroinformatics for a multidisciplinary audience * Explores and explains new work being done in neuroinformatics * Cross-disciplinary with chapters for computer scientists and neuroscientists * An excellent tool for graduate students coming to neuroinformatics research from diverse disciplines and for neuroscientists seeking a comprehensive introduction to the subject * Discusses, in-depth, the structuring of masses of data by a variety of computational models * Clearly defines computational neuroscience - the use of computational techniques and metaphors to investigate relations between neural structure and function * Offers a guide to resources and algorithms that can be found on the Web * Written by internationally renowned experts in the fieldA Guide to Neuroinformatics Michael A. Arbib, Jeffrey S. Grethe ... Studies on single neurons in dorsal hippocampal formation and septum in unrestrained rats. ... Area F5 and the control of distal movements. ... 201a€“208. Spoelstra, J., Arbib, M. A., and N. Schweighofer (2000). Cerebellar control of a simulated biomimeticanbsp;...

Title:Computing the Brain
Author:Michael A. Arbib, Jeffrey S. Grethe
Publisher:Academic Press - 2001


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