Computers, Software Engineering, and Digital Devices

Computers, Software Engineering, and Digital Devices

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In two editions spanning more than a decade, The Electrical Engineering Handbook stands as the definitive reference to the multidisciplinary field of electrical engineering. Our knowledge continues to grow, and so does the Handbook. For the third edition, it has expanded into a set of six books carefully focused on a specialized area or field of study. Each book represents a concise yet definitive collection of key concepts, models, and equations in its respective domain, thoughtfully gathered for convenient access. Computers, Software Engineering, and Digital Devices examines digital and logical devices, displays, testing, software, and computers, presenting the fundamental concepts needed to ensure a thorough understanding of each field. It treats the emerging fields of programmable logic, hardware description languages, and parallel computing in detail. Each article includes defining terms, references, and sources of further information. Encompassing the work of the world's foremost experts in their respective specialties, Computers, Software Engineering, and Digital Devices features the latest developments, the broadest scope of coverage, and new material on secure electronic commerce and parallel computing.... have seen already the code for a typical 16-bit adder, but it is not difficult to code a parity code generator, a cyclic redundancy check calculator, or an instruction that returns the eigenvalues of an n * n matrix. This part is straight programming.

Title:Computers, Software Engineering, and Digital Devices
Author:Richard C. Dorf
Publisher:CRC Press - 2005-12-22


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