Computer Science Logic

Computer Science Logic

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This volume presents the proceedings of the workshop CSL '91 (Computer Science Logic) held at the University of Berne, Switzerland, October 7-11, 1991. This was the fifth in a series of annual workshops on computer sciencelogic (the first four are recorded in LNCS volumes 329, 385, 440, and 533). The volume contains 33 invited and selected papers on a variety of logical topics in computer science, including abstract datatypes, bounded theories, complexity results, cut elimination, denotational semantics, infinitary queries, Kleene algebra with recursion, minimal proofs, normal forms in infinite-valued logic, ordinal processes, persistent Petri nets, plausibility logic, program synthesis systems, quantifier hierarchies, semantics of modularization, stable logic, term rewriting systems, termination of logic programs, transitive closure logic, variants of resolution, and many others.We prove using ideas from model theory that every model independent query is equivalent to a safe query. This answers a question raised by Topor in [Topor 1987]. In relational databases the data is kept in tables Ralt; of n-tuples of names.

Title:Computer Science Logic
Author:Egon Börger
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 1992-09-10


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