Compounds and Alloys Under High Pressure

Compounds and Alloys Under High Pressure

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This is the first book to classify and systematize the available data on the behavior of binary alloys under high pressure. Despite the fact that there is a strong correlation between temperature-composition (T-C) phase diagrams at normal pressure and three- dimensional temperature-composition-pressure (T-C-P) diagrams, many material scientists seldom refer to the (T-C-P) diagrams, just as many high pressure researchers often ignore the data obtained at normal pressure. This book aims to bridge the gap between data obtained at high pressure and that obtained at normal pressure. The most recent research covers not only elements and stoichiometric compounds, but also binary, ternary, and multicomponent alloys, and so this book covers an extended range of substances. The properties of 890 binary systems and a further 1153 pseudobinary and ternary systems are summarized, and accompanied by an extensive bibliography. The data includes information on the solubility of components in solid solutions, melting, and first- and second-order phase transformations in alloys and stoichiometric compounds.Graham, R.A., Anderson, D.H., and Holland, J.R. (1967) Shock-wave compression of 30% Ni-70% Fe alloys: the pressure induced ... Kamenetskaya, D.S. (1964) Analysis of the diagram of state of binary systems under variable pressure.

Title:Compounds and Alloys Under High Pressure
Author:E. Yu Tonkov
Publisher:CRC Press - 1998-10-23


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