Complexity Is Free

Complexity Is Free

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The ability to create, an ability deeply embedded into every individual on the planet, is about to be set free by a powerful new technology, 3D printing. To Jack Einarsson, the reclusive founder of a subculture aimed at revolutionizing how people create, 3D printing promises to empower mankind to solve the many challenges that civilization faces. But when 3D printing is threatened the impact is felt from Singapore to San Francisco, from Mumbai to Brussels and conflict ensues between power networks who fear the potential of 3D printing and those who wish to unleash it. Reluctantly returning to the world hea€™d left behind, Jack sets out to counter the governments and corporations fighting the spread of 3D printing and on the way discovers how rich the concepts and applications of 3D printing have become. A whirlwind journey through the varied perspectives of the future of 3D printing, a€˜Complexity Is Freea€™ inspires you to imagine where 3d printing will take your world.However we also have 3D printers in many suburban households. ... When I can make a birthday cake for a frienda#39;s child and then top it with a perfect chocolate Mickey Mouse or a chocolate Batman I feel absurdly pleased with myself.

Title:Complexity Is Free
Author:David Hartmann
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-05-12


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