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Nam P. Suh focussed his axiomatic design theories on methods to understand and deal with complexity. Suh is a well-respected designer and researcher in the fields of manufacturing and composite materials. He is best known for his systems that aim to speed up and simplify the process of design for manufacturing. The 'axioms' in axiomatic design refer to a process to help engineers reduce design specifications down to their simplest components, so that the engineers can produce the simplest possible solution to a problem. Complexity, besides being a key area of burgeoning research in disciplines interested in complex systems and chaos theory (like computer science and physics), is a complicating factor in engineering design that many engineers find difficult to overcome. Suh's multidisciplinary exploration of complex systems is meant to eliminate much of the confusion and allow engineers to accommodate complexity within simple, elegant design solutions.Therefore, they spent extra effort working on time-independent imaginary complexity problems. Determine the difference ... Toe change due to suspension travel causes bump steer and excess toe causes tire wear. Because of these factors, anbsp;...

Author:Nam P. Suh
Publisher:Oxford University Press on Demand - 2005-01-01


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