Complete Idiot's Guide to Weight Loss Tracker

Complete Idiot's Guide to Weight Loss Tracker

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The dieterA‚'s companionA‚a€”for counting, calculating, and watching the pounds melt away! Whether counting calories, avoiding fats, or cutting down on carbohydrates, dieters will discover the tools they need to manage their eating habits and accomplish their weight loss goals. Designed to complement all of the popular dieting books in the marketA‚a€”and also helpful to those not following a specific dieting planA‚a€”this guide helps readers identify their body mass index; calculate their basal metabolism; graph weight loss; keep track of daily food intake, calorie expenditure, and other important data; and more. A‚a€c Features a 50-page table that identifies the calorie, protein, fat, carbohydrate, and dietary fiber content of more than 2000 everyday foods A‚a€c Supplements current diet books and plans, rather than competing with them A‚a€c A useful organizational tool for anyone trying to lose weight A‚a€c In addition to worksheets, also provides space for journal entriesThe first thing to watch out for is the serving size. The print is tiny, so ita#39;s easy to miss. But it makes a big difference if that cereal you love so much and think is so diet- friendly turns out to have a serving size of just lA cup. Youa#39;ve been eating fouranbsp;...

Title:Complete Idiot's Guide to Weight Loss Tracker
Author:Shirley Mathews, Jyni Holland
Publisher: - 2005


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