Comparative Inorganic Chemistry

Comparative Inorganic Chemistry

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Comparative Inorganic Chemistry, Third Edition focuses on the developments in comparative inorganic chemistry, including properties of elements and the structure of their atoms, electronic configuration of atoms of elements, and the electronic theory of valency. The manuscript first offers information on the development of fundamental ideas in 19th century chemistry, as well as purification and identification of substances in the laboratory; classical arguments for the existence of atoms and molecules; and electrolytes, ions, and electrons. The book also takes a look at the properties of elements and the structure of their atoms. The classification of elements in the 19th century, atomic nucleus, divisible atoms, nuclear reactions and fusions, and artificial radioactivity and nuclear transmutations are discussed. The book examines the electronic theory of valency and periodic classification, including basic assumptions of the electronic theory, hydration of ions, ionic bond and the formation of ions, and the development of the concept of valency. The manuscript also ponders on bonding and the structures displayed by elements and their compounds; oxidation, reduction, and electrochemical processes; and the principles on the extraction of elements. The publication is a dependable source of information for chemists and readers interested in inorganic chemistry.Draw a a#39;dot-and-crossa#39; diagram to show the electronic structure of a molecule of borontrifluoride, BF3. ... (CL) 14 A Lithium chloride is formed from lithium (atomic number 3) and chlorine (atomic number 17). ... + e - Mna€(aq) EAd = + 1.49 V are nearly the same, but whereas a solution of potassium manganate(VII) can be kept for some weeks, a solution of manganese(III) sulphate is rapidly decomposed.

Title:Comparative Inorganic Chemistry
Author:Bernard Moody
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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