Company Men

Company Men

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America's white-collar workers form the core of the nation's corporate economy and its expansive middle class. But just a century ago, white-collar jobs were new and their future anything but certain. In Company Men Clark Davis places the corporate office at the heart of American social and cultural history, examining how the nation's first generation of white-collar men created new understandings of masculinity, race, community, and successa€”all of which would dominate American experience for decades to come. Company Men is set in Los Angeles, the nation's qcorporate frontierq of the early twentieth century. Davis shows how this California citya€”often considered on the fringe of American society for the very reason that it was new and growing so rapidlya€”displayed in sharp contours how America's corporate culture developed. The young men who left their rural homes for southern California a century ago not only helped build one of the world's great business centers, but also redefined middle-class values and morals. Of interest to students of business history, gender studies, and twentieth-century culture, this work focuses on the qcompany manq as a pivotal actor in the saga of modern American history.... Southern California Edison, Annual Report to the Stockholders of Southern California Edison Company for the Year 1937 (Los Angeles: Southern California Edison, 1938), 3. ... Sanford Jacoby, Modern Manors: Welfare Capitalism since the New Deal (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, ... aquot;Credit Union Movement in the Union Oil Company, aquot; Union Oil Bulletin 17 (September-October 1936): 5-7.

Title:Company Men
Author:Clark Davis
Publisher:JHU Press - 2001-08-30


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