Communication Satellite Systems Technology

Communication Satellite Systems Technology

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Communication Satellite Systems Technology reviews the state of the art in communication satellite systems technology. Topics covered range from commercial point-to-point systems and military satellite communication systems to satellite support subsystems and components, along with high-power systems. Communication satellites are also discussed from a sociological perspective. Comprised of 50 chapters, this book begins with a 1945 article by Arthur C. Clarke in which he proposed the construction of rocket space stations in orbit that would provide complete radio coverage of the globe as well as extraterrestrial relay services. The reader is then introduced to the Early Bird satellite and its hydrogen peroxide orbit control and orientation system. Details of the sequence of maneuvers required after transfer ellipse injection until final placement in a stationary orbit are given. The methods of calculation of maneuver parameters, as well as numerical examples of certain Early Bird orbit changes and maneuver parameters, are described. The effects of the principal long-term disturbing forces on the satellite are also considered. Subsequent chapters focus on military satellite communication systems; satellite support subsystems and components; high-power systems; and systems concepts. The organization and program of Intelsat are also evaluated. This monograph will be of value to practitioners in the fields of aeronautics, astronautics, and satellite communications.Receiver and Transmitter Synchronization Synchronizing this communications system involves two distinctly separate ... from each transmitter to the satellite but is more complicated than most ranging problems because of the compatibilityanbsp;...

Title:Communication Satellite Systems Technology
Author:Richard B. Marsten
Publisher:Academic Press - 2014-12-03


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