Commerce électronique et développement

Commerce électronique et développement

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In this collection of essays, authors from different disciplines draw on supply chain analysis and industry studies to elucidate how new information and communications technologies -- as epitomised by the mobile phone and the internet -- are affecting the livelihoods of low-income communities and the businesses of small entrepreneurs from Bangladesh to South Africa. Case studies look at these questions in the context of: the world coffee market, where online auctions have yielded price premiums for a handful of growers; the automobile industry where parts procurement is being rationalised and small suppliers squeezed, but a handful of suppliers have found in the internet a tool to link with hitherto inaccessible customers; the textile industry where IT-based procurement and faster product cycles threaten to shut out many developing country suppliers. The general conclusion reached by many of the authors is a sobering one. The internet is not a panacea for low productivity and profitability of developing country enterprises, which owe more to such problems as weak infrastructure, limited managerial know-how and poor quality control, and excessive market distortions. On the other hand, neither can an entrepreneur expect to have a fighting chance in the global marketplace without being wired. [from the OECD website]... automotive supply base in Tamil Nadu following the arrival of three international assemblers: Ford, Hyundai and Mitsubishi. ... caps and gear shifters, and Sundaram Clayton Ltd. (SCL), producing air brake actuation systems and pressure die castings. ... all staff with statistical tools of quality control (such as the checksheet, the cause-and-effect diagram and histograms). ... By reorganising product-development teams along cross-functional lines and accompanying every process byanbsp;...

Title:Commerce électronique et développement
Author:Andrea E. Goldstein, David O'Connor
Publisher:OECD - 2002-01-01


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