Come Home, America

Come Home, America

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Perhaps no one is better equipped to analyze the current state of our democracy than legendary reporter William Greider. He has covered politics from the nationa€™s capital for four decades--for the Washington Post, Rolling Stone, and most recently The Nation--and has earned a reputation as one of our most incisive, uncompromising truth-tellers and social critics. In his bestseller Who Will Tell the People, Greider opened the American publica€™s eyes to the hidden relationships that link politicians with corporations and the wealthy, often subverting the needs of ordinary citizens. Now, in Come Home, America, his first book on our democracy in years, Greider examines the impact of current American policy, revealing how our obsession with remaining a€œNumber Onea€ in the world has caused us to stray from the democratic values and ideals upon which our country was founded. By examining the economic and political forces that have brought us to where we are today--financial crisis, deepening indebtedness to other nations, the loss of productive assets and jobs, the militarization of U.S. foreign policy, and more--Greider offers, in a powerful and conversational tone, clarity on the consequences and long-term implications of our national predicament. He then offers optimism that our young country can put aside its adolescent impulses and grow up so that we can a€œcome homea€ to what is really important--a return to our nationa€™s core values and the freedom to create a better, more fulfilling society.Eventually, the central bank led the country into our present mess, flirting with the full catastrophe. ... to supervise all ofthe largest financial houses, not just commercial banks, and provide them with emergency bailouts if necessary to ... money and credit in their lives. ... The Federal Reserve is positioned on the fault line between the interest of mere voters and the reckless excesses of the banking industry.

Title:Come Home, America
Author:William Greider
Publisher:Rodale - 2009-03-17


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