Cold Spots

Cold Spots

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When Octavia and Frank bought the old colonial house in New Hampshire, they knew they buying a piece of history. Th ey didn't know they were buying something so sinister, so depraved, and so eternal. When Octavia talked outloud to herself in the house, that was okay, but when the house talked back, something should have triggered in her brain, that something was very, very wrong. But that was just the beginning. Th ere is a thin line between sanity and madness, and if the decision is left in the hands of the affl icted, what is real, and what isn't, becomes a hazy distinction. Octavia slips deeper and deeper, dangling on the thin thread of reality and fantasy. Day by day, she is taken in by the true prescence in the house. The couples once peaceful and loving relationship takes on many bizzare and terrifying twists and turns while living in the house. Soon, things are very much out of control, as Octavia becomes fi xated by the true enemy, the great deceiver. It knows no limits, will stop at nothing, using every depraved and perverse manner, to have an everlasting hold on Octavia.Instead of the rusty fuse panel, containing dozens of clipped wires and spider webs, he saw a newer vintage panel containing modern type circuit breakers. The door to the panel contained neatly typed labels, explaining what the purpose and.

Title:Cold Spots
Author:David M. Riley
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-05


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