Code Name Pigeon

Code Name Pigeon

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Michael Pigeon, having just completed an elite school for executive security in Aspen, Colorado, is brought in for his first mission briefing. After the briefing is concluded, he and three other specially chosen SPOT agents set out for the beautiful country of Venezuela. Michael discovers that, although the country is rich and beautiful, someone has placed a bounty on his head. Michael realizes that he and the other SPOT agent's lives have been sold for blood money. After crashing out at sea in the diplomat's private plane, Michael wonders if anyone survived the mAolAce at the airstrip. Bill Yancy impresses upon the diplomat that the contract negotiations must continue for the emerald, ruby and sapphire gemstones that are to be used in the U.S. laser industry. However, the diplomat and his wife are concerned about their kids. Michael understands his executive security job is two fold: First, keep himself alive. Second keep the kids alive until they can be reunited with their parents. Once this mission is completed, Michael wants to find out whom it was that sold them all out. Find out if Michael can put a large piece of the puzzle together in this second book of the Code Name Pigeon series.Smoke was pouring out from burning army jeeps and the two executive security vehicles. Littered all over the area of the ... a€œClee, would please scan the ocean floor about 300 nautical miles due north of Venezuela.a€ a€œWhat am I looking for?

Title:Code Name Pigeon
Author:Girad Clacy
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-05-13


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