Code Name

Code Name

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A respected judge's children have been kidnappeda€”and it's up to the female detectives of Chameleons, Inc. to rescue them. But it's only the beginning of a whirlwind adventure that soon pits Chameleons, Inc. against the super-criminal responsible for the kidnappinga€”and a deadly plot to take over the world. Can five female detectives stop this criminal mastermind from taking over the worlda€”and at the same, uncover the shocking secret behind him?Cindy turned off the light switch and closed the door behind her. The two women then headed for ... A minute later, she drove off in her golda€”cola€” ored Ford Taurus, headed in the direction of Century City. Ten Thursday, April 25th, 8:30p. m.

Title:Code Name
Author:John Lavernoich
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001


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