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Fifteen-year old navy cadet Tina Babcock is in love. But Tina is very shy, inexperienced and unsure of herself. While on a cadet canoe expedition on remote Koombooloomba Dam in the jungles of Far North Queensland, she and her friends encounter a gang of dangerous poachers. Tina's life is in peril because of the secrets she now knows. In a desperate struggle to escape, she must use her navy cadet skills and wits to extricate herself from the gang's clutches. Tina must push herself to the very limits of endurance to give herself a fighting chance of survival... and love. Cockatoo is suitable for teenagers and readers with an enjoyment of adventure-spiced romance. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Christopher Cummings is a Vietnam veteran, teacher, parent, traveller, Officer of Cadets, and author of 35 books. Bushwalking, history and travel have added depth to his experiences. He grew up in Cairns and Cape York Peninsula, experiencing many adventures in the North Queensland bush and at sea in his father's ships, adventures he has woven into his books.While she was on the veranda things were OK because light from the amenities gave some light but once down the steps in under the trees and between the darkened ... Just visible in the darkness across the street was a parked 4WD vehicle with a boat trailer behind it. ... The other two led into the public bar which was crowded with rough looking men, mostly miners and stockmen by the look of them.

Author:Christopher Cummings
Publisher:DoctorZed Publishing - 2013-05-13


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