Coastal Watershed Management

Coastal Watershed Management

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Coastal watersheds differ from others by their unique features, including proximity to the ocean, weather and rainfall patterns, subsurface features, and land covers. Land use changes and competing needs for valuable water and land resources are especially more distinctive to such watersheds. This book covers recent research relevant to coastal watersheds. It addresses the impact of a streama€™s chemical, biological, and sediment pollutants on the quality of the receiving waters, such as estuaries, bays, and near-shore waters. The contents of the book can be divided into three sections; a) overview of hydrological modelling, b) water quality assessment, and c) watershed management. This book differs from other hydrology books by dealing with coastal watersheds which are characterized by their unique features: including weather and rainfall patterns, subsurface characteristics, and land use and cover. In addition to academia, the book should be of interest to organizations concerned with watershed management, such as local and federal governments and environmental groups. Overall, the book is expected to satisfy a great need toward understanding and managing critical areas in many parts of the world.For sewer systems, installation costs vary greatly, depending on the density of lots and location of the house vis-An-vis existing sewer lines. ... This would involve capital costs of $7, 160, 000 plus $110, 000 for annual maintenance, or an annualized cost of about $2, 100 per home. ... Considering Hawaiia#39;s above- average living expenses, the actual cost would most likely be higher than the averages given.

Title:Coastal Watershed Management
Author:A. Fares, A.I. El-Kadi
Publisher:WIT Press - 2008-05-23


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