CNC 50 Hour Programming Course

CNC 50 Hour Programming Course

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This book is designed for students and teachers who are looking for a programming course based on ISO standard language, with a special focus on numerically controlled lathes and in combination with a software able to reproduce a real NC on the computer and to perform a graphic simulation of the program created. The course, which is centered on a three-axis lathe (X, Z. C) with driven tools, is subdivided into 50 course hours. The license for the free use of the training and graphic simulation software, which may be downloaded from the Internet according to the instructions provided in the book, has a validity of sixty days. The total number of hours necessary for its completion will always be specified at the beginning of each chapter. This will allow the user to select the topics to be covered based on available time and to assess progress achieved by completion of the exercises within set timeframes. All the programs used during the explanations and the collection of the images contained in the book, which may be printed, viewed or displayed during the course at home or in the classroom may be downloaded from the website: At the end of the course, the concepts applied to the programming of the lathe will be used to program a three-axis vertical mill (X, Y, Z). Finally, the book contains a list of technical terms and their translation from English into Italian and German.for lathes, ISO Standard functions, Siemens fixed cycles, Parametric programming, methos of use Lorenzo Rausa. 5.3.2 Self-deleting instruction Unlike the modal functions, the self-deleting functions are valid only in the block where they areanbsp;...

Title:CNC 50 Hour Programming Course
Author:Lorenzo Rausa
Publisher:CNC Web School - 2013-12-07


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