Climate Cover-Up

Climate Cover-Up

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This is a story of betrayal, selfishness, greed and irresponsibility on an epic scale. Hoggan examines the public relations circus that surrounds global warming, and uncovers the organized campaign, largely financed by the coal and oil industries, to make us think that climate science is still somehow controversial.Yet Moranoa#39;s compatriots were able to marshal the so-called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and, for long enough to affect a ... Go to any event featuring Al Gore or David Suzuki today and you will see a crowd much bigger and much less apologetic than ... There is a gathering community of leadersa€”people like General Electric ceo Jeffrey Immelt, Virgin brand owner Sir ... ceo Ray Anderson a€”who have come to understand the problem and who are refusing to let the lie linger any longer.

Title:Climate Cover-Up
Author:James Hoggan, Richard Littlemore
Publisher:Greystone Books Ltd - 2009


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