Clearing the Way to Health and Wellness

Clearing the Way to Health and Wellness

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a€œDr. Ellen Cutler is one of the pioneering holistic doctors who have spent years of research to find the best ways to boost our immune system and get it back in its power. By following her advice, you can not only get younger biologically and become more vital, but you are also making your body ... more cancer-proof. ... There is no one I trust more than Dr. Ellen Cutler. To have her in your corner is already winning half the battle. Please study this book and apply all the advice as soon as possible. Your life and health could depend on it.a€ a€”Roy Martina, MD, bestselling author of Emotional Balance a€œFour years ago, my fibromyalgia symptoms forced me to a€˜retirea€™ from medical practice. Thanks to Ellen Cutlera€™s treatments, the guaifenesin protocol, and acupuncture, my health is so much better. I have been able to return to practice medicine as a fibromyalgia consultant, and I feel blessed to be able to continue my recovery with the help of Dr. Cutlera€™s digestive enzymes and clearing treatments.a€ a€”Melissa Congdon, MD, fibromyalgia consultant If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Crohna€™s Disease, colitis, Hashimotoa€™s thyroiditis, candidiasis, sinusitis, hay fever, environmental illnesses, and other autoimmune disorders and sensitivities, youa€™ve probably tried a myriad of treatments just trying to gain control of your life. Clearing the Way to Health and Wellness presents the Ellen Cutler Method (ECM), an innovative technique that offers hope for those for whom other treatments have failed. It provides an empowering new explanation of allergies and sensitivities as the cause of chronic illness, as well as a groundbreaking approach to overcoming them. Allergies and sensitivities can be reduced or eliminated, not miraculously and instantaneously, but inevitably and permanently. With contributions from Dr. Richard Tunkel, Dr. Ellen Cutler outlines the relationships among allergies, sensitivities, and chronic health and autoimmune disorders, guiding both patients and health-care practitioners in identifying and eliminating sensitivities that trigger symptoms. Case studies and personal stories illustrate how this powerful new approach has ended the suffering for thousands of all ages without the use of drugs.... have resisted the conclusion that mercury is a health hazard Many dentists say that amalgams should not be used because as a person gets older, the mercury released causes more and more problems If a person replaces mercury fillings, anbsp;...

Title:Clearing the Way to Health and Wellness
Author:Ellen Cutler DC with Richard Tunkel MD
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-02-25


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