Classifier Structures in Mandarin Chinese

Classifier Structures in Mandarin Chinese

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In Classifier Structure in Mandarin Chinese, Niina Ning Zhang proposes a new approach to the count-mass contrast, and the properties and functions of classifiers when they occur with numerals, with various quantifiers, in compounds, and in reduplicative forms. The new approach makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the existence of classifiers in numeral classifier languages. The investigation also uncovers that certain non-classifier languages lack only one type of classifiers, whereas other non-classifier languages may lack other types of classifiers.Cardinal number assignments with CLs, exclude properties like weight or volume , whereas those with measure words do not (see Wiese 2003: 21). ... specific discourse context, e.g., liu ge pingguo a#39;six CL applea#39; has the same quantity as yi he pingguo a#39;one box applea#39; in a certain shop, but there ... (87) a. shi dui tu b. wu gu zheng-qi ten CL earth five CL steam-air a#39;ten heaps of eartha#39; a#39;five puffs of steama#39; 0.

Title:Classifier Structures in Mandarin Chinese
Author:Niina Ning Zhang
Publisher:Walter de Gruyter - 2013-05-28


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