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From the US interventions in Grenada, Panama and Colombia, to domestic operations against cartels and revolutionary groups in Peru, Guatemala, Venezuela and Brazil, Contra!, the latest companion volume for Force on Force, allows wargamers to recreate any and all of them. With detailed background information, extensive orders of battle for the principal forces in the region, and a range of scenarios, Contra! gives Force on Force players a detailed and realistic experience of modern combat in the jungles, hills, cities and favelas of South and Central America.... they are not counted as casualties for purposes of morale or casualty penalties and are not required to make a First Aid Check. ... SCENARIO). Somewhere in Central America, 1980s By Jim Roots It was not unknown in the early a#39;80s for the United Statesa#39; Drug ... Buildings are wood (+1D) Table Size: 4a#39;x4a#39; 1a€“8: Marauder starting positions 99 Traps The SpecOps team has four Booby Trap cards they.

Author:Ambush Games
Publisher:Osprey Publishing - 2012-11-20


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